08 Witnessing and Evangelism

We offer on this page our free Publications which focus on witnessing and evangelism.

Many of us tend to be not too keen on these tasks, and not too good at them either!

But the key is simple.

We need to know the Lord ourselves, to know the Faith ourselves, and to know why both the Lord and the Faith can be completely trusted.

1) **Weekly Reflections concerning Christian Faith and Topical Issues:
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85 Mission and Evangelism
90 Contending for the faith
97 Holding forth the word of life
98 those who are without
100 the hope that is within you
119 The continual dew of thy blessing
121 The Lord is risen indeed
134 Extreme and Mainstream
135 that ye shall know
142 Witnessing 1 Joe Public says No thanks
143 Witnessing 2 You do and you can
144 Witnessing 3 Everyone IS in need
177 Pt 1 The Canon of Scripture
178 Pt 2 Clearing the Clutter
179 Pt 3 The Two-edged Sword
187 A Propaganda Campaign
189 Guarding the Deposit
190 Standing and Resisting
191 The Whole Armour
195 Chosen in Christ
205 Factual Truth, Relevance & Need
206 Truth Relevance and Need-2
207 Truth Relevance and Need-3
208 In  Earthen  Vessels
235 Don’t bother us with Jesus!
236 The Noisy Ones
238 Emerging Theology
246 Pray this ends ….
247 Not without witness
264 Diminish not a word
267 Truth and Soberness
279 We know best!
290 be no more children …
297 Dare to be a Daniel
300 the man with the Holy Ghost
301 Let your light so shine
314 We faint not
328 Come, follow me
333 A stone of stumbling
337 Pentecost and PLUTO
346 Acceptability and Availability
347 Not ashamed, not terrified
351 Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised
367 A field of wheat and tares
371 Bertrand Russell – 2 – The Antidote
375 Until the End of Time
382 A Special Rod, A Special Sceptre
391 unto the knowledge of the truth
395 THE Faith
397 He shall bear his iniquity
398 Deliverance for the Captives
404 Not mad most noble Festus
422 Behold My Servant
429 Candles and Daffodils
440 A Good Fight
441 At the heart of the fight
444 The Solid Rock
453 Our Evidences Toolbox
454 A Cause To Pause
457 O Lord, hear, O Lord, forgive
458 Robust Gospel Conversations
462 Paul KNEW


2) ** The Resurrection of Jesus Christ – Fact or Fairytale?4c Cover The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

A book that takes you to the central foundation of the Christian Faith.
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If Jesus did NOT rise from the dead, then all His words foretelling that He would do so turn out to be so much hot air. But if He DID rise from the dead then things, to put it mildly, look rather different.

This book presents you with the evidence, and the various attempts that people make to write the whole thing off.


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3) **How To Become A Christian – What to say What to do

81c How to become a Xtn dd cover

The simple pathway to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord
(RRP  USD $6.50  GBP £5.00  //  No charge via this website – see below)

Chapter headings of this book:
1 The Bible in a Nutshell
2 Accepting Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life
3 “JESUS CHRIST IS LORD” – going forward in discipleship
4 “JESUS CHRIST IS LORD” – some key Bible passages

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