07 Practical Discipleship

We offer on this page our free Publications which focus on practical discipleship, to help us become more effective “faithful sheep” in the flock of Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd.

1) **Weekly Reflections concerning Practical Discipleship:
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46 Unsung heroes
47 A spring in our step
48 The Heart of the Matter
49 Enough but not too much
51 Finding the way home
53 Step by step by faith
69 Marathons
72 Minding our own business!
74 Be ye therefore perfect
82 In the Tough Times
83 Tomorrow and Today
87 My Brothers Keeper
88 the years of my pilgrimage
96 Your place within the plan
101 Their money and our money
102 Keep it simple Stoopid
103 One Family Tree
104 When the going gets tough
106 full of faith and the Holy Spirit
107 Behind and Ahead
109 Rebuilding the walls
110 The Wealth Problem
128 Father forgive them
129 Lets be honest
130 Everyone looking for KURT
131 Sorting out the KURTs
132 Phebe our sister
111 Standing firm and winning through
113 Sandettie Light vessel Automatic
114 Children of the Resurrection
117 He did not give me any spiritual gifts
118 The fruit of the Spirit
119 The continual dew of thy blessing
126 Doing right in our own eyes
127 Forgive one another
135 that ye shall know
147 that my joy may remain in you
149 For My Name s Sake
151 Bibles please
159 Never failed never forsaken
161 Comfort one another
162 I have learned to be content
163 to enquire of the Lord
166 Today we sailed on
167 Good bye to a son of thunder
168 In everything give thanks
175 My times are in thy hand
177 Pt 1 The Canon of Scripture
178 Pt 2 Clearing the Clutter
179 Pt 3 The Two-edged Sword
188 A Conscience Good and Pure
192 Adorning the doctrine
193 Yes all is shalom
198 Pricks to our eyes thorns in our sides
201 Little but large
209 Because there is hope
211 The Whole Duty of Man
212 The field of wheat and tares
213 And he lingered
214 Walls good and bad
244 Living Sacrifice and Sweet-Smelling Savour
245 Mark well
248 Visit This Vine
249 Trials and Glories
250 Stand firm and hold fast
251 Four Commands
257 It seemed good ….
262 The Light of the World
263 Christ Light Truth and Peace
265 Never alone with a Strand
267 Truth and Soberness
275 O fools and slow of heart to believe
278 -but free FOR what
289 Strangers and Pilgrims
298 No Hiding Place
303 Home Truths
310 A bad dose of FOMO
312 Overcoming the world
313 Liberty and Love
315 Simeon and Anna
325 Euroclydon
326 thy sons and thy sons’ sons
327 Perfect hearts and careful speech
331 Our help and our shield
336 Bless the Lord, O my soul
340 Prejudiced bigots
342 She told him all the truth
348 he gave five talents
349 until the day of Jesus Christ
350 A Two-Fold Accountability
352 The God of all grace
358 An Image of Gold
359 Assembling Ourselves Together
362 O thou most High
364 If thine eye be single
368 Then all the trees of the wood shall rejoice
372 Let the saints be joyful in glory
376 I will trust and not be afraid
379 An Engine and a Bus
383 A Merry Heart
394 Stirring up and holding fast
396 No cunningly devised fables
402 The Old Christ-Pathways
403 Separate me Barnabas and Saul
407 The blood is the life
410 God’s Peace and God’s Truth
412 Lord, Priest and King
414 A Lamb Slain
419 In his right mind
425 Devices and Desires
428 The sweet fragrance of Christ
434 Obedience and Difference
435 Pricking Briers and Grieving Thorns
438 Doubly Prepared
439 Our Thankfulness
442 As the stubble before the wind
445 A Rock of Offence
455 Walking, speaking, listening
456 One in Christ
459 Truth is fallen in the street
460 Arise …
461 A Twofold Palingenesia
463 Farewell at Miletus



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2 Accepting Jesus Christ as the lord of your life
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4 “JESUS CHRIST IS LORD” – some key Bible passages

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