02 Almighty God

We offer on this page our Weekly Reflections which focus on Almighty God – His nature, character, deeds and wishes.

What is He like? Why has He made us? Is He bothered about us? What does He expect of us?

**Weekly Reflections concerning Almighty God:
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45 Holy holy holy
50 The Coming of the Lord
54 The Prince of Peace
55 Wild Weather!
56 Too much Jesus
64 The God of Now
76 The Ascension of the Lord
77 The Comforter
78 Three in One
89 mindful of his covenant
93 The tender mercy of our God
115 The Sound of Music
117 He did not give me any spiritual gifts
118 The fruit of the Spirit
119 The continual dew of thy blessing
120 A Man of Sorrows
121 The Lord is risen indeed
145 It shall not stand
146 None can stay His hand
148 I will I will They shall They shall
149 For My Name s Sake
150 What is His Name
194 Blessed be the God and Father

195 Chosen in Christ
196 To the praise of His glory
210 The God who appoints
252 One God in Trinity
253 Father and Son
254 The Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John
255 John 17 – The Prayer of Jesus
273 Folly and Wisdom
277 – but free from what
294 all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge
338 – the will of the Father who sent me
365 So great a salvation
393 The fine linen of righteousness
415 The Comings of the Lord
416 The Return of the Lord
430 An Innocent Party
431 The Key
432 Not to be messed with
433 Complete in Him


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