09 Christian Faith and Topical Issues


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**Weekly Reflections concerning Christian Faith and Topical Issues:
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52 Human clay and the divine Potter
57 Beliefs, Truth and Falsehood
58 Public and Private
60 Freedom of Speech
61 Thinking themselves wise
66 A Broken Triangle
67 Same-Sex Marriage
68 Us-ness and Them-ness
71 Three Competing Faiths
73 Social Media and the Holy Spirit
75 All Old Testament on me
80 A Blatant Spiritual Clash
84 Women Bishops at last
86 Ishmael and Isaac
91 Crossing the Divides
92 Better Together
95 Human Universe!
101 Their money and our money
116 Who is in charge round here
123 Corks in taps
124 But how do we get there
125 as much as lieth in you
130 Everyone looking for KURT
131 Sorting out the KURTs
133 Clapham Junction and Waterloo
134 Extreme and Mainstream
140 Liverpools Cinderella
141 The stranger, the widow and the fatherless
153 Rolling up His sleeves 1
154 Rolling up His sleeves 2
155 Rolling up His sleeves 3
156 Rolling up His sleeves 4
157 Rolling up His sleeves 5
158 Rolling up His sleeves 6
164 Gene editing
169 Heads above the parapet
173 Lessons for us all
176 Unaccountable power
180 Watchman what of the night
181 The fulness of the Gentiles
182 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
183 Fears, horrors and a referendum
184 A faithful remnant
185 The beginning of wisdom
186 Are you sitting comfortably
187 A Propaganda Campaign
199 Peace and Truth
202 In God We Trust
203 Turning not aside
226 Be of good cheer!
227 Whatever next?
228 The “seven times” of Daniel Chapter 4
229 Two Interwoven Strands
231 In Christ Alone
232 Unity Rules OK
233 Another nice mess
234 On the front line
240 Crazy Priorities
241 In the Image of God
258 Harry and Meghan
259 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem
260 Hands off Jerusalem!
261 The Peace of Jerusalem

266 Going with the flow
267 Truth and Soberness
268 Created as Male and Female
269 Equal Yet Distinct
270 Scripture and Feminism
276 The truth shall make you free
281 On the move
282 The Sabbath of Rest
285 The Lord and Democracy
286 The Lord and Democracy – 2
287 The Lord and Democracy – 3
291 O earth earth earth
292 Repentance and Forgiveness
295 Foistings and Phobias
296 Firm Rejection, Informed Concern
302 A thing of nought
304 Standing In The Breach
308 Faces in the Sand
309 The beat of a different drum
311 Spread before the Lord
316 Arise O Lord
318 Near of Time and Place
319 Near in Time and Place – 2
320 Near of Time and Place 3
321 Near of Time and Place – 4
322 No King in Israel
323 Governments and Bibles
329 Not the same at all!
332 The balancings of the clouds
334 Think on these things
339 I have set before you …
343 The Faithful Witness
344 Another Exodus
345 the land of unwalled villages
353 A sinful nation and a sinful son
354 Fret not thyself
355 The apple of His eye
356 The Owner’s gift in perpetuity
357 The Lord, the land and the temple
360 Tossed to and fro
361 A soap bubble in a cathedral
363 A Sacred Trust
369 Summer is nigh
370 The Legacy of Bertrand Russell – 1
371 Bertrand Russell – 2 – The Antidote
377 The Lord of hosts
378 Shaking the Trees
384 God is on the move
387 Cummings and Goings
400 Fighting-the-good-fight-of-faith