05 Your Prayers and Bible Reading


We offer on this page our free Publications which focus on our prayers and on various devotional talks and Bible passages.

1) **Weekly Reflections concerning Prayer and Bible Reading:
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62 Starvation of Stillness
63 The Always Answered Prayer
81 Tent of Meeting
94 Crossing the threshold
136 Guide me O Thou great Redeemer
137 Guidance on Guidance Part 2
138 Guidance on Guidance Part 3
139 Guidance on Guidance Part 4
151 Bibles please
152 she came trembling
160 Straight to the heart
165 The Gift of Kneeling
174 In the pits and on the track
195 Chosen in Christ
196 To the praise of his glory
197 That ye may know
200 Why oh why
215 Take it to the Lord in prayer
216 The Entry Ticket of Prayer
217 Before the Throne of Grace
218 Pray without ceasing
219 Stating our Case
230 Praise in the Timbrel and Dance
237 Look Up!
242 The Household of God
256 The Trinity and Our Prayers
271 Alas my master!
272 To weep, to mourn, to laugh, to dance
288 His days are as grass
293 The Person the Name and the Blood
307 In spirit and in truth – 2
324 In whom
330 An empty tomb
335 Read it till you weep David
366 Look toward the sea
380 Two Special Suppers
381 The Sheaf of the Firstfruits
392 My songs in the house of my pilgrimage
401 Asleep on a pillow
409 Stilling of the noise and tumult
413 Thou art worthy, O Lord
448 The Sphere and Spread of Scripture
449 Prayer-Promises from the Lord

Reflections 136 – 139 have been edited into a single pdf book: Guidance on Guidance
2) ** The Faithful Sheep Pastoral Letters
(RRP  USD $18.50  GBP £15.00  //  No charge via this website – see below)
3c FSPL cover sheep

Strength and Encouragement for the Christian Flock

“a down-to-earth treasure house of Bible-based sense”

Chapter headings of this book:

Letter 1 Walking with God
Letter 2 Shalom
Letter 3 In the Son-shine
Letter 4 Life is Now
Letter 5 Selfless Service
Letter 6 Contentment
Letter 7 The Day of Small Things
Letter 8 A Starvation of Stillness
Letter 9 All About … ME
Letter 10 Ambition and the Christian
Letter 11 Fundamentalists – ugh?
Letter 12 The Safety Curtain
Letter13 Paul and a Shipwreck
Letter 14 Keeping Going
Letter 15 Practising the Presence of Jesus
Letter 16 The Thinning Crowds
Letter 17 The God Behind the Scenes
Letter 18 Harps Hung on Willows
Letter 19 A Hearty Sing!
Letter 20 The Promised Land
Letter 21 Spiritual Bi-Focals
Letter 22 Feebleness and Power
Letter 23 The Fiddling of Expenses
Letter 24 The Ministry of Encouragement
Letter 25 Orders and Initiative
Letter 26 For or Against?
Letter 27 Christian Hope!
Letter 28 Patience!
Letter 29 Seeing and not Seeing
Letter 30 Obedience to God and Men

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3) ** Gospel Contents Index – giving you quick access to events, sayings, parables, healings and other miracles within the four Gospels of the New Testament.
You can print this off at home (single sheet of A4 paper, landscape), trim it, fold it and keep it in your Bible
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To download this Gospel Contents Index, click here: 2b Gospel Contents Index

4) ** The Book of Proverbs – A Study-Aid Grouping the Proverbs By Theme

Proverbs cover 4In this Study-Aid every verse within the Book of Proverbs has been placed into its own broad theme. Readers can now see each individual proverb within its own theme alongside its fellow proverbs that are all based loosely on the same theme, without having to use cross references.

(RRP  USD $12.50  GBP £10.00  //  No charge via this website – see below)

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