We are ALL believers!

We are ALL believers. Yes, really.

Think about it: the great questions of human existence  – is there a God? why are we here? how did we get here? where are we going? – are not in the realm of PROOF at all. They are in the realm of probability and likelihood, and that means that anything we choose to believe in involves us in a step of faith.

The Christian is a believer, by faith. So is the Jew or Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist.

So too is the atheist, The atheist says “I don’t believe in God”. Quite true. But put those words the other way round and things become much clearer: “I do believe – there is not a God”. The atheist is as much a believer as anyone else, and indeed has to have more faith than the rest of us! For the atheist chooses to believe that this whole amazing universe started all by itself from nothing at all – and that does take faith, and a lot of it.

So, Yes, we are all believers, all equal starters in the search for what is most likely to be TRUE.

And that search, for us all, means we look at the evidence before us as objectively as we can, asking ourselves – “Which way does the evidence point? Which beliefs are therefore the most likely to be TRUE?”

Those are the beliefs we do well to accept, by a step of faith, as being TRUE. But notice that we take that step in the light of  the evidence rather than in spite of the evidence.

This website is here to help all of us, whatever our current beliefs may be, to consider the evidence around us with some care.