The Bible in a Nutshell


So – just what is the Christian Faith all about? 

To answer that question we go to the Holy Bible, which claims to be the unique “Word of God” – the one and only Instruction Manual given to the human race by Almighty God our Creator. In support of that claim is a mountain of factual evidence, details of which you can find out about by clicking HERE.

Here then is “the Bible in a nutshell” – a summary of God’s statements, answers and promises concerning what our lives are really all about….

THE BIBLE IN A NUTSHELL – The Substance of the Christian Faith

1) GOD EXISTS, FACT. He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and all creation owes allegiance to Him.The ultimate purpose of all creation is to give “glory to God in the highest” – no more, no less.

2) But God’s perfect creation has been messed up, by satanic rebellion and by human sin. This explains the mixture we all see, between goodness, beauty and love on the one hand (signs of how creation was at the start), and badness, ugliness and hate on the other (signs of how creation is now).

3) Humanity is thus cut off from God our Creator – He loses out, and we lose out. As sinful human beings, we from our side are helpless to solve this problem – we fall short of God’s requirements, we face His punishment and, left to ourselves, we are in deep trouble.

4) BUT! – God the Creator has solved the problem for us, by giving His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus, being entirely without sin Himself, took on to Himself on that cross God’s punishment for our sins – the physical death, and separation from God, which the rest of us all face.

5) And then Jesus rose from the dead – the historic fact and miracle at the very heart of the Bible that is the ultimate sign that these things are true.

6) Because of Jesus, any of us can now ask for God’s forgiveness by claiming Jesus’ punishment as counting for our punishment. That means that the debt we owed to God has been settled – by Jesus and not by us. God forgives us, and accepts us back into His family. No wonder this is called the Good News!

7) We then gratefully serve God as our Father, through the Lord Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit. All of God’s resources are available to His forgiven people.

8) Meanwhile Satan and his cronies continue their rebellion, but God will have the final victory over all who stand against Him.

So there is “the Bible in a nutshell” and the Good News that it contains for all of us.

Taking Jesus Christ at His word, putting your life in His hands, living how He wants you to live, is the most sensible thing that you, or anyone, can ever do. In our book “How To Become A Christian”, you will learn –

• what this decision is all about
• why it is so necessary to take it
• what to say, right here, right now, to become a Christian
• what to do after that

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