“All World Faiths are the same”


“All the World Faiths are the same really”

No they’re not! Certainly they all identify the same problem – how can sinful, unholy people make peace with the perfect, holy God, in this world and the next? – but then they go their separate ways.

All of the World Faiths, save one, then tell us this peace-making is done by us, by our own efforts, by our own will-power and goodness. When the time comes, God will weigh our lives on the scales, and if and when the good outweighs the bad, then He will let us in.

But one Faith is different from all the others – the Christian Faith as revealed in the Holy Bible. There we are told quite bluntly that we can never be good enough to appease Almighty God by our own efforts. There is the Bad News: we are helpless before Him, in deep trouble, and stuck.

Then Almighty God gives us the Good News! He has cracked the problem. He has made it possible for us to be made at peace with Him, and that peace-making has precisely NOTHING to do with our efforts or abilities or goodness, and EVERYTHING to do with His tremendous, loving mercy towards us.

He has given us Himself, His very Son, Jesus Christ, fully God, yet fully man, one of us, here, on this earth. Jesus’ life shows us what life should be and can be. Jesus’ death was wholly undeserved and very vicious. In that death Jesus carried on to Himself all our sinfulness, badness, everything within our own lives which has cut us off from God in the first place. In His rising from the dead, Jesus demonstrates beyond all possible doubt that He is true, that these things are true, that the Christian Faith is true, that the Holy Bible is true.

The way is wide open for us to be at peace with God. Now any one of us can go back to God our Father, and ask for His forgiveness and His gift of peace, because of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This simply means in practice that we accept that in His death Jesus paid our debt to God our Father, the debt which we can never pay by ourselves.  At such terrible cost, we believe that Jesus has paid the debt, for you, for me, for any of us. All we have to do is believe – and then go and ask.

Let it never, ever be claimed that all the World Faiths are the same!