An Unreliable Bible?


“How do we know the Bible today is the same as it used to be? And even then, the original writings could all have been mumbo-jumbo anyway”.

Fair questions, which have very fair answers.

To get you started, you can read our book “A Dodgy Bible?”.  The headline answers to these questions are that our Bibles today are virtually identical to the originals, with any differences being very few and very minor; and that when we think of the circumstances prevailing at the times when the originals were written, the notion of their being “faked” for whatever reason is seen to be so remote as to be impossible in practice.

We can be sure that the Bible we hold in our hands is authentic.

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Another of our books that takes you to the one vital foundation of the Christian Faith is “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ – Fact or Fairytale?”.

If Jesus did NOT rise from the dead, then all His words foretelling that He would do so turn out to be so much hot air. But if He DID rise from the dead then things, to put it mildly, look rather different.

This book presents you with the evidence, and the various attempts that people make to write the whole thing off.

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