For Not-Christian Believers


You are welcome here. For whatever reason, at present you do not believe in the truth of the Christian Faith, as made known to us in the Holy Bible. But you do believe in other things, because as human beings we are all in the realm of faith and belief, whether we like it or not!

Perhaps you are a convinced atheist, believing that a rational, no-God explanation exists to account for the existence of the universe; or that, in view of all the suffering in the world, the belief in a loving, all-powerful God seems to be some sort of sick joke.

Or perhaps you are a member of one of the other “World Faiths”, comfortable with a belief in a God, and trying to do your best over what you believe He requires.

Or perhaps you are in the largest group of all these days – being a “not-Christian believer” simply because you have never looked at the evidence. Perhaps you are too busy, or feel no need, or are just not bothered, thinking that you are not “religious” anyway.

Whoever we are, it is important to work out which beliefs – of all the beliefs around us these days – have the strongest claims to being true, on the basis of the evidence on which those beliefs are based.

One of the tasks of this website is to put forward the strong evidence which exists in support of the Holy Bible being true. Now if that evidence convinces you, your brain and head will then know that Christian belief is wholly reasonable and sensible. But that confidence will not of itself make you a Christian. You will then need to respond to God’s call, by answering the question, in your heart and with your will, “Am I going to follow Jesus Christ as Lord – or not?”. We can help you with that question if and when you want.

Whatever else you do in life, and whatever your current beliefs and background may be, it makes sense to consider this evidence with great care. For if the Bible is indeed true, it means that we hold in our hands the one, single, unique, vital “Instruction Manual” given by Almighty God our Creator to all of us, in which He provides the answers to all the great questions of life, death and beyond.

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