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We are always being told that we have evolved over millions of years.

We are always being told from within the Church that this simply doesn’t matter – “So what if God DID use evolution as His method of creation?” they tell us.

So is this debate really just a sideshow for a few geeks?

No chance! –  it remains as central, crucial, and hot, as ever

** SIX DAYS, DARWIN OR BOTH? The Origins Debate – Why, What and So What

73 Six days cover

“a wide-ranging survey of the Genesis / Evolution debate – a debate as crucial as ever”
(RRP  USD $17.50  GBP £14.00  //  No charge to read or download here)

Chapter headings of this book:

Chapter 1 – Words, Meanings and Definitions
Chapter 2 – Belief System One Concerning Our Origins: Early Genesis
Chapter 3 – Belief System Two Concerning Our Origins:  (a)  The Big Bang   (b)  Darwinian Macro-Evolution
Chapter 4 – The Clashes of the Titans
Chapter 5 – Two Attempts at Compromise:  (a) The Gap Theory  (b)  Theistic Evolution
Chapter 6 – The Clashes of the Titans – Progress Report
Chapter 7 – A Wake-Up Call
Chapter 8 – The Big Bang – Scientifically Impossible
Chapter 9 – Darwinian Macro-Evolution – Scientifically Impossible
Chapter 10 – Evidence for Old or Young, Slow or Quick
Chapter 11 – The “Missing Link” and Ape-Man Fossils
Chapter 12 – The Genesis Flood
Chapter 13 – The Closing Headlines
To Take You Further
Appendix 1 Graph of Patriarch’s Ages
Appendix 2 Some Questions for use in the Debate

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The Signficance of Early Genesis – The “Bible and Science” debate

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What do the first eleven chapters of Genesis really mean??!!
(RRP  USD $11.00  GBP £8.00  //  No charge to hear or download here)

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