03 Genesis Matters!

We offer on this page our Publications which focus on “the origins debate”. On this site these are all available free of charge.

We are always being told that we have evolved over millions of years.

We are always being told from within the Church that this simply doesn’t matter – “So what if God DID use evolution as His method of creation?” they tell us.

So is this debate really just a sideshow for a few geeks?

No chance! –  it remains as central, crucial, and hot, as ever

** SIX DAYS, DARWIN OR BOTH? The Origins Debate – Why, What and So What

73 Six days cover

“a wide-ranging survey of the Genesis / Evolution debate – a debate as crucial as ever”
(RRP  USD $17.50  GBP £14.00  //  No charge to read or download here)

Chapter headings of this book:

Chapter 1 – Words, Meanings and Definitions
Chapter 2 – Belief System One Concerning Our Origins: Early Genesis
Chapter 3 – Belief System Two Concerning Our Origins:  (a)  The Big Bang   (b)  Darwinian Macro-Evolution
Chapter 4 – The Clashes of the Titans
Chapter 5 – Two Attempts at Compromise:  (a) The Gap Theory  (b)  Theistic Evolution
Chapter 6 – The Clashes of the Titans – Progress Report
Chapter 7 – A Wake-Up Call
Chapter 8 – The Big Bang – Scientifically Impossible
Chapter 9 – Darwinian Macro-Evolution – Scientifically Impossible
Chapter 10 – Evidence for Old or Young, Slow or Quick
Chapter 11 – The “Missing Link” and Ape-Man Fossils
Chapter 12 – The Genesis Flood
Chapter 13 – The Closing Headlines
To Take You Further
Appendix 1 Graph of Patriarch’s Ages
Appendix 2 Some Questions for use in the Debate

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Two pdf Presentations, of Power Point slides and Notes, delivered in March and April 2019, designed to “equip, strengthen and encourage” us in our Christian discipleship. Please God, that is just what does happen!

Session One: We consider briefly what is going on in wider society, and why, and then take as an example the widespread belief in evolution.

This belief has been chosen as it has been found over the years to be not just the elephant in the room but rather the DINOSAUR in the room! – so pervasive, so influential, and so little noticed in its effects. We duly arrive at some “timely truths” and significant conclusions.

Session Two: We come on to examine afresh the early chapters of Genesis, still the foundation of God’s Word, still entirely trustworthy and still filled with “timely truths” in itself.

These two sessions are suitable for all comers, including Christian believers, atheists, agnostics, enquirers and wonderers.

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Session One addresses curr