About Us


The Statement of Faith of Faithful Sheep Ministries is one of biblical orthodoxy, centred on the Historic Creeds, the Historic Formularies and the 39 Articles of the Church of England.

This means that we hold a “high view of Scripture”, following therefore in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and of His apostles, and of the Protestant Reformers with their great cry – “What Scripture says, God says”.

The Holy Bible is demonstrably “God’s Word”, containing abundant and irrefutable evidence of its divine authorship, and putting it into a “league of its own” when compared with other rival writings around today which make similar claims of divine authorship.

The Director of Faithful Sheep Ministries is the Rev. Oliver Bayley, an experienced evangelical Minister of the Gospel now based in Southampton, England. Oliver and his wife Judith and their family have served in churches and schools both in Britain and overseas.

Oliver has a ministry of preaching, teaching and writing, in which Faithful Sheep Ministries plays a central part. He is available to help on Sundays, to conduct midweek meetings, and to lead Day or Weekend Retreats and Conferences.

Popular topics for such occasions include:

– Why a “no-God Big-Bang-and-Evolution Package” is scientifically impossible, and “So what?” for today
– Why a “God-directed Evolution Package” is scripturally impossible, and “So what?” for today
– Why the evidence around us is far better explained by the “Genesis Flood” than by Evolution, and “So what?” for today
– The crucial significance of Genesis Chapters 1 – 11 for all of humanity
God’s wonderful use of Time in the Bible, and where He is up to ….
– The “many infallible proofs” underlying the Bible’s claims to be the complete and unique Word of God
Bible passages, themes, studies and reflections

Oliver also acts as a listener, adviser and friend for church leaders who find themselves running too hard.

There is no charge for any of these ministries, though help with expenses is appreciated.

We can be contacted via our email address: info@fsmins.org