04 God’s Programme for the Future


What does God tell us in His Holy Bible about His plans for the Church, the Jews and the world?

And why should we take these unfulfilled prophecies seriously? Because already hundreds of biblical prophecies have been meticulously fulfilled…..


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This booklet will introduce you to these two books, the findings of which are as crucial and relevant today as they have ever been.

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2) **MIRACLE OF TIME – Frank Paine

This remarkable book is the product of years of meticulous Bible study by the author and his colleagues. It sets out the extraordinary Plan of Time that lies beneath the surface of the Holy Bible, in which all the events of the Bible take their particular place.

And why does this matter? First, it shows beyond any doubt whatever that the Bible really IS the Holy Bible, whose Author really is God Himself, for the wonders that these Bible students were shown are way beyond any possibility of human invention. Second, it shows beyond any doubt whatever that Almighty God is in full control of global events, and is working everything through, unstoppably, towards His goals – the goals that are clearly stated in His Holy Bible. And third, it shows us that time now really is short – God’s “end-game” for His creation is soon to be upon us.

“Miracle of Time” demonstrates God’s use of Time since 1933 (a key year in Bible Chronology), through World War II, the founding of the State of Israel, the Six Day War, the Yom Kippur War, and the Moon landings of the 1970s. God is still marking Events with Time, and Time with Events.

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3) ** WHATEVER NEXT? – Biblical Prophecies Yet To Be Fulfilled
80c Whatever Next cover

An eye-opening review of God’s plans for the Jews, the Church and the world
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Chapter headings of this book:
Chapter 1 Not-Yet-Fulfilled Prophecies – an Introduction
Chapter 2 Daniel’s 70 Weeks
Chapter 3 The Church and the Tribulation
Chapter 4 The Church and the Rapture
Chapter 5 The Great Tribulation and the Second Coming of Christ
Chapter 6 The Millennial Kingdom and the Great White Throne
Chapter 7  The Eternal State, of a New Heaven and a New Earth

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