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Faithful Sheep Ministries is concerned with the great issues of Truth and Falsehood which lie at the heart of our lives.

A Strange Myth

A strange myth has been promoted for many years – that the Christian Faith is “past it” – outdated and irrelevant, based on a Bible full of falsehood and mistakes. So anyone with a brain should grow up, move on and get into the 21st century.

This is a myth! – yet it explains why so many “opinion-formers”, in politics, education, business, the media and the arts, completely ignore the Bible in their discussions and decisions. A secular, humanist agenda is promoted in society at large, with much of the population not surprisingly following this lead and ignoring the Bible too.

This “we’ve all dumped the Bible” myth also puts Christians on the back foot. For a quieter life it is easy for them to accept another current myth, that “religion is a private thing”, so they keep their Christian heads down at school or college, at work or around and about, rather as poor Peter did that night by the fire in that courtyard.

This is why the Holy Bible is now largely excluded from public debate: most of  those in charge wilfully ignore it, and most Bible-believing Christians stay quiet through lack of confidence or fear of  ridicule.  No wonder things aren’t going too well! – with western societies riddled with problems wherever we look.

But the fact is that not one drop in this tidal wave of Bible-rejection is justified. NOTHING has changed. NOTHING has been discovered to expose the Bible as false. The Bible remains what it has always been: “God’s Word”, the Creator’s unique Instruction Manual to His creation, from its start to its finish. We ignore it at our peril and our folly.

A Major Source of the Myth

This “dump the Bible” myth has one major source: Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. How so?  This Theory is attractive to many people because on apparently scientific grounds it “proves” that we no longer need any sort of God-figure to explain the existence of this amazing universe: all has come about through no-God, natural, scientific processes.

But the Book of Genesis teaches something very different! – so because Darwin’s Theory was accepted as Proven Fact (even though it is nothing of the sort), many Christians meekly “re-interpreted” early Genesis: no longer was the creation account to be read as historical fact, but as an allegory with spiritual messages within it for those who like such things.

Herein lies one major source of the “dump the Bible” campaign. Critics rightly argue, “If the Bible gets it so wrong at the very start, why bother with any of the rest of it? Christians can cling on to their belief in a God if they must, but thinking people now have proof that such a belief is optional, fit only for people who need a God as some sort of comfort-blanket in the face of stark scientific realities”. And so the damage – great damage – has been done.

One of our priorities at Faithful Sheep Ministries is to demonstrate that on both scriptural and scientific groundswe have NOT evolved! – despite what they are always telling us. We have NOT evolved by a Darwinian, no-God blind process of chance – that is scientifically impossible. Nor, our fellow Christians, have we evolved by a God-directed process of evolution – that flatly contradicts God’s Word, God’s character, God’s deeds and God’s Gospel.

This assurance that we have not evolved – that God’s Word is actually, factually true – greatly strengthens Christian discipleship, and equips us to take the fight – for that is what it is – courteously but firmly to the God-ignorers, who are so used to having everything their own way. There is no reason whatever for Christians to cower in the corner. 

Based on the real, objective, factual evidence all around us, we work to show the complete reasonableness of believing that the Bible is true, with all that follows from that for humanity in general, and for us as individuals in particular; and equally therefore, the complete UN-reasonableness of believing that the Bible is false and irrelevant – a belief whose consequences are all too apparent today.

A Ministry Not A Business

The theological basis of Faithful Sheep Ministries is one of biblical orthodoxy, centred on the Historic Christian Creeds and the 39 Articles of the Church of England.

This is a ministry not a business, so nothing is for sale here – everything can be accessed without charge and we are always adding new resources. Please understand that we are not able to give specific pastoral or financial assistance.

We do not ask for donations, but as a thank-offering for the blessings we hope you receive from Faithful Sheep Ministries we ask that you give appropriate financial donations to specifically Christian charities of your choice.

So, welcome to the Faithful Sheep Ministries website. Please explore it, bookmark it should you wish, and let others know of it who might find it helpful too.

We hope you will be blessed and encouraged through this site, so that Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, may indeed have all the glory.

Faithful Sheep Ministries.

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